TumaSMS: affordable, value-adding SMS messaging solutions

TumaSMS: affordable, value-adding SMS messaging solutions

TumaSMS is a messaging service that allows registered users to send SMS at affordable rates from their web browser, phone, desktop or enterprise application.TumaSMS enables you, your business, or organisation to deliver messages securely, reliably and instantly to just about anyone you need to reach, wherever they are and whatever device they’re using. Whoever you are, and whatever messaging capabilities you need for your site, system or application to have, we are sure TumaSMS will meet your needs wonderfully.

Here is how TumaSMS can add value to your life:

For the individual user

We’ve made it quick and easy for you to send messages around the world from your browser or mobile phone.

For the SME – small and medium sized business

Messaging can transform the way the business communicates with customers, suppliers and colleagues, as well as the way your systems themselves communicate.

For the enterprise

If your operational need demands mission-critical ‘enterprise’ levels of delivery and accountability, Our gateways meet the most exacting standards for alert notification, business continuity and collaboration.

For your industry vertical

Mobile messaging strategies can be used to communicate with your customers, suppliers or your own employees in a highly cost effective manner. With cross cutting experince across different industries we can show you how to automate numerous processes within your organisation usuing SMS.

For government

For governments especialy so in Africa’s SMS as a tool can be implemented in many different ways to deliver value to an increasingly dicerning citizenry. From automated alerts on issues of concern to the deilvery of services, governments have a lot to bemefit form the adoption of SMS.

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