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Technology is best effective when invisible, when it interacts seamlessly with the users to the point of being synonymous with life. Our technology consulting and knowledge transfer product, offers C-level executives, masterclass training on the nuances of technology and its impact along their vertical of operation, with an obvious inclination to web and mobile ecosystems.

The Nature

Our education takes the form of a short sharp shock due to the busy nature of many of the key people entrusted to us. Done over a number of days or staccato-ed over a longer period, a custom technology primer is delivered with resources to support continued, paced learning and information digest.

Often times there is an immediate improvement in the innovation outlook of those who go through such knowledge transfer sessions, as they now get it and are not lost in conversation with their agency or other technology inclined solution provider.

The Outcome

Those trained are empowered to build on their own case studies that will inform local performance benchmarks. In the case where we do not have many campaigns to study and derive that information, then a critical analysis of the ecosystem needs to be done by an informed mind to arrive at a tentative yardstick.

This provides a good starting point for those looking to experiment with concepts, as the results will not be measured against those of other markets whose variables are not likely to be similar to theirs.