Mobile application development | Android focus

As market demand surges for mobile applications, our bets are on Android as the operating system of choice in emerging markets. Companies are having a difficult time identifying development partners with the requisite skill to both consult and built out Android applications and experiences on time and on budget. SIM Tool Kit (STK) development is an interesting adjunct with huge potential, especially at a time when many African governments are looking at taking services mobile and mobile network operators giving deeper access to core services.

Ballpark Budgets

Why Symbiotic


We have deep competency on these platforms with custom deployments within major mobile network operators in the region and commissioned work for Nokia and Samsung targeting both local and international markets.

New developments

New developments such as in-app billing and operator billing support for various regions offers monetization opportunities for mobile applications that while built in Africa, generate revenue the world over.

Play well

Platform choice, ease of development, and global opportunity are just some of the reasons to have us lead your next mobile application development project. We play well across platforms.