We have over the years refined a work and tool process that ensures our solutions are world-class and more importantly, that your interactions with us, leave you happy and well attended to, leading to the meeting of both our objectives. These interactions affect our day to day and we would like to share with you, our ways of work – a lengthy but important read.

Commissioned work

We get it that you are excited to start reaping the benefits of a well thought out platform that you have commissioned us to build and maintain. But to avoid future drama and attendant issues, green light is given to requisite teams by the Finance  Department only after

  1. Contract has been signed and stamped by a competent authority  * where applicable
  2. Statement of Work has been signed, locking in deliverables that will inform your User Acceptance Testing document
  3. Purchase order has been received, duly completed and authorised

Scope Creep and Curve Balls

Projects seldom go as originally planned. We subscribe to the agile methodology – an iterative and incremental method of managing the design and build  of new product or services ; and believe these issues can be managed better.

Project Management

We frown on instances when your project data is scattered across different email messages and accounts; instant messenger chat transcripts; spreadsheets, calls, sms and other documents. Matters project management will be done from our portal, to ensure that:

  • Everyone knows where to get the most up to date information
  • Errors due to miscommunication are less frequent because everyone is on the same page
  • Projects gets done and shipped


If you are using any of our SaaS platforms, the support package available to you is communicated upon sign-up and the tools to trigger support are available on your specific dashboard(s). For commissioned work with a support component, the following may be made available to you as guided by your contract:

  • Email ticketing + Web Chat
  • Support Hotline {mobile and landline}
  • Dedicated Account Manager + Project Engineer
  • Onsite Team Deployment {permanent or on-call}

Code Management

Working with the enterprise means that we may have to work with your internal IT teams or 3rd party consultants to deliver solutions. As such, we will provision you and / or your team (s) on our production tools ensure code review and collaboration + traceability across issues, source code and deployment. Our toolset comprises:

  1. BitBucket: our repository management.
  2. ActiveCollab: our issue tracker.
  3. Fish Eye: to search, track, and visualize code changes.
  4. Crucible: collaborative peer code review. Code reviews = Quality code.
  5. Bamboo: continuous deployment management.