Process – assured delivery of world class results

Symbiotic | Our processAs a service provider with a healthy portfolio of enterprise clientele, we understand that there is no room for error when it comes to deploying our tried and tested platforms or helping you bring your ideas and innovations to life.

This is why, since our inception in 2008 we have invested resources into our solution development pipeline. As we have matured into a market leadership position, so has our process…ensuring that we are able to deliver, on time every-time world class solutions, meeting the needs of our clients- from the individual entrepreneur starting out, the SME that is growing like a weed to the corporate juggernauts whose brands form part of our day to day life.

Our process

  • Needs analysis – specifying the functional capabilities you need in the resultant solution, with use cases developed to capture all service forks
  • Domain analysis – working closely with you to understand your vertical of operation as not all industries are created equal and some nuances may exist when it comes to deployment or leveraging for competitive advantage
  • Platform design – outputting both layman and technical expressions of the solution matrix
  • Front End Production – elegant user interfaces as conceptualized from our consultative UX sessions are produced. This is the front facing component of all web and mobile solutions. For SMS and USSD apps, this would be for the dashboard, reporting and customer service interfaces
  • Backend programming – where the rubber meets the road and we build out the engines that form your service core. We also stitch together the complementary components from the UI produced
  • Integration – working with enterprise clients often times means interfacing with their current systems. Here we put the developed solution within the clients environment, either directly or via a middleware arbiter on a VPN
  • Training – The ABC’s of operation and maintainance
  • Publication – This is where we go LIVE, for clients who opt for our SAAS offerings that see us host the solutions end to end


Cross cutting activities applied to our 3 prong process are

We continuously work to identify bottlenecks that may pose a threat to the project and initiate corrective measures where applicable to ensure alignment to the end goal. We can also work closely with your preferred 3rd party auditor to provide a second pair of eyes.