BlackBox Voice API | re-imagine voiceSymbiotic Voice Possibilities

For decades, voice has been the core business for mobile network operators, and being a cash cow it has been locked up in walled gardens inaccessible to any outside innovation. With the growth of mobile data however, mobile network operators have realized that call volumes are declining as subscribers adopt new channels of communication.

This has led the telcos to open up access to core infrastructure and free voice from the confines of traditional telephony. “Freeing voice from telephony has started to and will continue to grow voice traffic by taking voice services into new communication modes and use cases, creating great value to users, telcos and developers alike.” – VisionMobile

It is with this growing opportunity in mind that we have built a robust service layer on top of our direct SiP connections to mobile network operators, creating unique value to you by making it possible to take “ voice into diverse areas with new cases and contexts such as web telephony, anonymous calling, permission based calls, group calling, voice messaging, dynamic call routing, do-it-yourself IVRs, call referral tracking, marketing and many more.”

Our drag and drop interfaces coupled with on-account storage of files allows for short turnaround times on service creation and integration to other platforms.

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