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The adoption of  over-the-top content (OTT) platforms such as WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook Messenger and others by billions of consumers across the globe has seen the dynamics of mobile marketing, content distribution + monetization and consumer interaction turned inside out.

For many brands, premium value added services are not of great value as most businesses derive their margins from product or service sales, which they would much rather push than levy an additional cost of interaction to their consumers. Short codes and USSD codes require activation on individual mobile network operators, driving up the cost of setup + maintenance of traditional VAS services, making continuous and sustained activation a hard sell for many marketing managers and customer service directors.

Symbiotic’s over-the-top content messenger  (OTT) API, plugged into our Blackbox Platform As A Service (PaaS)  reduces the cost of engagement for businesses looking for an always on, sustained and enriched consumer interaction. Have personal, real-time conversations with your customers!

For those without in-house development capacity, based on our innovative use cases for content delivery, content monetization, customer service and marketing, driven by proof of concept implementations across different industries in multiple markets, we can design, build and integrate custom platforms aligned to ANY KPI.

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