Mbugua Njihia, a panelist at the Mobile Web Africa Conference – October 2009

Mbugua Njihia, a panelist at the Mobile Web Africa Conference – October 2009

Mobile Web Africa is a technology conference that was held in October 2009 in Sandton, South Africa to discuss the mobile web in Africa, how we can harness the potential of the Internet and applications on mobile devices. Mbugua Njihia  our CEO was selected as a panelist and showcased some home grown innovations in the field of mobile advertising as well as social networking.

Why Mobile Web Africa?

Because it is an event that is tackling one of the single most important areas of technological development this world has witnessed. An area so fundamental that it is not unreasonable to imagine a future in which the vast majority of individuals, regardless of who and where they are, will have access to the greatest information resource ever available.
(alternatively they’ll at least be able to update their status on Facebook or Twitter… ) Like voice and SMS previously, having access to content or individuals and the ability to interact via a mobile phone will have a fundamental effect on each and every society.

The Key Themes @ Mobile Web Africa

1. How will the industry evolve to a point where the vast majority of people have access to the  mobile web and the content they want to view?

2. How will the industry fully exploit existing and future opportunities?

3. How can PC or mobile based developers and start-ups monetise their innovation and creativity to grow in to companies that will drive the expansion of the ecosystem?

4. How can Operators, Original Equipment Manufacturers, global associations and other mobile powerhouses assist their smaller partners?

5. How can societal and economic problems be tackled by the development of the capabilities of
the mobile device?

6. What handsets, standards, networks and designs will allow consumers to successfully access the content and consume it?

7. How will the consumer be able to discover that content – through an Application, Browser, Search Engine, Advert, Social Network?

Some of the speakers and Panelists

This is the list of the individuals and organisation that will be either presenting or taking part in panel discussions at the event:
• Mr Herman Heunis, Chief Executive Officer, MXit
• Mr Marc Smith, Chief Social Scientist, Telligent
• Mr Rick Joubert, Executive Head, Mobile Advertising, Vodacom
• Mr Stephane Boyera, Program Manager, Web Foundation / W3C
• Mr Matthew Buckland, Head, 20FourLabs
• Mr Eric Cantor, Director, AppLab Uganda, Grameen Foundation
• Mr Marc Anthony Zimmerman, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, The Broccoli
• Mr Jose Henriques, Executive Head, Internet Services, Vodacom
• Mr Jon Gosier, CEO, APP+FRICA
• Mr Loy Okezie, Founder & CEO, Startups Nigeria
• Mr Simon Leps, CEO, Fontera
• Mr Charles McCathie Nevile, Chief Standards Officer, Opera
• Mr Mbugua Njihia, Chief Executive Officer, Symbiotic Media Consortium
• Mr Pete Case, Creative Director, Gloo Design Agency
• Mr Elan Lohmann, General Manager – Online, Avusa Media
• Mr Allan Kent, Head, AtPlay, Saatchi & Saatchi
• Mr Zibusiso Mkhwananzi, Executive Chairman and Financial Director, KRAZYBOYZ
• Mr Angus Robinson, Founder, Brandsh Media
• Mr Mario Marais, Living Lab Research Group, Meraka Institute, CSIR
• Ms Ory Okolloh, Executive Director, Ushahidi
• Mr Yomi Adegboye, CEO, Alireta Nigeria
• Mr Ashraf Patel, Program Manager, SAFIPA
• Mr Richard Wills, Senior Manager Sales (Africa), Leaf International Communications
• Mr Lungisa Matshoba, Co-Founder, Yeigo Communications
• Mr Tyler Reed, CEO & Founder, TinyImpact
• Mr Brett Loubser, Product and Technical Support Manager, Samsung South Africa
• Mr Justin Spratt, Co-Founder, ISLabs

Why attend Mobile Web Africa?
Because at least one of these questions is relevant to you:
• How can I take advantage of the potential of the mobile web?
• How can I monetise my creativity?
• How can I harness the mobile web for developmental purposes?
• How can I drive ARPU up?
• How can I reach out to my core target market?
• How can I boost my user-base?
• How can I enhance my service?
• How can I generate revenue from my innovation?

And Mobile Web Africa offers you, as the potential attendee or sponsor, the opportunity to:
1. Meet and talk to the right people.
2. Listen to the individuals who are shaping the industry.
3. Connect with the companies that you can work with in the future
4. Ask your questions and enhance your understanding of the issues.
So, by spending two days at Mobile Web Africa, you’ll meet and reach out to your peers.
Those who have done it, are doing it or want to do it.

The Roundtable Format (a new style of event)

Mobile Web Africa promises to bring you a new event format:
•  One which avoids those embarrassing sleepy moments;
•  One which instead seats you on round-tables with your peers;
•  One which will provide a buzzing and interactive conference room.

• 7 Scheduled “Discussion Periods” each lasting just under an hour.
• A mixture of traditional panel discussions and ‘interactive roundtable discussions’.
• Unrivaled interaction, networking opportunities and real outputs.

Hope you see you there!

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