Kelelemobile – building on pan-african mobile entertainment content

Kelelemobile – building on pan-african mobile entertainment content

Choices to suit your lifestyle…

KeleleMobile is a mobile infotainment portal where people can indulge their mobile lifestyle, express their likes and dislikes by generating, consuming and sharing content across varied genres. While primarily targeting end users on their mobile phones, KeleleMobile also provides hosted end-to-end sales channel for innovative and fully certified mobile applications and compelling content for network operators.

KeleleMobile offers a fully stocked catalog of certified content, service delivery platforms, and an on-device purchasing and content discovery client, as well as professional services to put it all together.

Kelelemobile will even design and host the retail storefronts for operators who request that service. We bring together content  consumers, developers and operators in a way that makes it easier than ever to profit from mobile content and applications. Operators can source content from providers all over Africa without having to negotiate legal agreements with dozens of companies.

Kelelemobile has fully fledged in-house content development studio that will adapt virtually all traditional and modern African music, images, icons and any other item for mobile. And our ability to identify handsets and adapt content on the fly adds to the tremendous value that is Kelelemobile!

For Operators – Get Richer Content Faster

a.    KeleleMobile will provide rich content through easy access to a continuous stream of innovative, tested solutions from the Africa’s most creative developers as well as our own in-house content development studio.

We bring new content to market with speed, ease, and minimal investment, resulting in faster time to market. Our solution is flexible, allowing operators to add their own content, choose some or all content from the Kelelemobile Master Catalog, and add the KeleleMobile purchasing and discovery client to their existing service and content discovery methods. All this is presented through an open standards approach that does not lock operators into specific terminals or service delivery infrastructures.
b.    KeleleMobile will provide a single point of entry to operator channels Africawide. It will reach more users by complementing the developer’s existing distribution channels. It reaches them sooner by simplifying deal making and streamlining content and application verification. KeleleMobile presents the biggest market opportunity available because it is based on open standards.

For end users – Add applications and content on the go

a)    The KeleleMobile content discovery and purchasing client will provide an operator branded or agnostic, integrated experience that combines discovery, preview, delivery, and secure payment. The fast and easy user experience is delivered over the air, everywhere the user goes. It helps users find what they need, provides enhanced download manager functionality, and supports multiple payment mechanisms.

b)    The Master Catalog is the hub of KeleleMobile. It is a central repository for all published content, a staging ground for content being readied for release, and a facilitator between content providers and operators.

c)    The KeleleMobile Solution architecture is built from the ground up on open-system principles, so users will not get locked into a limiting relationship or locked out of doing business their way. It will serve any mobile device that handles OMA download standards, with SMS as basic minimum requirements to consume content. You can sell through any store¬front that can handle an XML feed.

Content Provision

KeleleMobile lets operators sell rich content faster. The KeleleMobile master catalog leads content managers through the simple steps for finding the right content for their market, and it provides tools for automating the process and keeping the revenue flowing.

Browse and search — The KeleleMobile master catalog lets content managers browse by content category or search by a variety of criteria. Content managers can save fruitful searches and run them later to capture new content.

Stock the content — Once operators accept the price plan and transfer the content to their Service Delivery Platform, they are ready to offer merchandise to their subscribers. Set “autostock” rules for automatic addition of new content that meets your criteria.

Apply branding — Operators can enhance each catalog with their own branding elements, including custom icons, background images, and for-more-information URLs.

Configure stock categories — one can inherit the categories from the KeleleMobile master catalog or tailor them to your customer base.

Target the content — Create subscription plans that match content catalogs with the most likely consumers. Offer the Hot Games plan to one demographic and your Office Productivity Pack to a different population.

Feed retail outlets — Use XML feeds for easy integration with existing WAP and Web storefronts, or let the Symbiotic team build new storefronts to their specifications.

KeleleMobile content discovery and purchasing Client
The KeleleMobile content discovery and purchasing client complements other retail outlets supplied by the operator’s Service Delivery Platform, and it presents the content and content hierarchies that are developed for and delivered to other retail outlets. The enhanced user experience makes it easier for consumers to buy more content, more often.

The KeleleMobile content discovery and purchasing client offers:

  • Custom-branded content for each operator to provide at numerous points throughout the user experience — from splash screen to download progress indicator.
  • Multi-catalog support, and each catalog can present different branding.
  • Flexible device support by offering clients for Java (MIDP 2.0) and Symbian OS devices.
  • Simplified user experience by integrating content discovery, download, and payment
  • Offline browsing that eliminates network latency when users search a catalog cached on their device. Expiration dates associated with each catalog force periodic refreshes that make sure customers see the latest offering.

Creating an end-to-end sales channel is only the beginning. KeleleMobile works because it makes the entire mobile content sales process simpler, more flexible, and more profitable for everyone involved. Developers have a one-stop method for extending their applications to millions of users and operators around Africa.

Operators get the freedom to pick and choose from one premier mobile content catalog, mix in their own offerings, and brand the entire storefront, using as much or as little of their existing infrastructure as needed.

End users get a simple, powerful client that puts the most innovative mobile applications and content right in their hands, available through a quick browse or key word search. KeleleMobile lets innovation drive the mobile development ecosystem, freeing operators and developers to respond quickly to a growing, changing market.

Content creation
Our experience in the industry and specifically with web and mobile guarantees
1.    No time wastage in introducing or defining the scope of the industry and definition of the product
2.    Well-defined product and product development processes
3.    Clear understanding of the market that ensures fast development of products that suit the needs of the market
4.    Commitment and loyalty to the business

The mobile content aspects that Kelelemobile will handle
The main elements of the mobile content product are in outsourcing, development, distribution and management

  • Sourcing – of music, videos, from studios, musicians etc
  • Development – of the product to its necessary specifications adaptable for handsets
  • Distribution – of the product, where advertising and marketing come into play. Marketing will be carried out by the network operator.
  • Management – of the services and platform

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