Blackberry application development

Blackberry application development

The mobile movement has only just begun. And Symbiotic Media is riding the crest of mobile application development in Africa.

rim-blackberryThe BlackBerry® development platform has been designed with two key components in mind: connectivity and security. These components are the keystones of the BlackBerry solution’s success and let you provide unique value to both corporate and consumer markets.

We leverage the standards-based BlackBerry® platform and developer tools to create applications that are just right for your organization.The tools we use include the BlackBerry® JDE Plug-in for Eclipse™, BlackBerry® Plug-in for Microsoft® Visual Studio®, BlackBerry Smartphone Simulators and BlackBerry® MDS Simulators and plug-ins.

Development approaches

The BlackBerry® platform supports several different ways of developing applications. Each methodology has unique strengths, but all of them will help us leverage the BlackBerry solution’s easy connectivity and robust security.

– BlackBerry Browser Development

– Rapid Application Development

– Java Application Development

Do drop us a line with your application development needs, from simple tools for managing email and calendaring to complete mobile platforms for enterprise collaboration.

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