Our Company Culture

Symbiotic_GuinnessWe believe that through technology, we can empower our clients to meet their objectives and in our own little way ensure that the lives of millions of others touched by our clients businesses, occupations or mandates are impacted positively. We choose our clients and they choose us , meaning that we will never engage on projects that our collective gut disapproves.

Honesty, Trust, Thoughtfulness and Integrity rank high around these parts, just makes living and work a lot easier and much more fun.

We believe in teamwork and collaboration, that the sum of our collective and different parts positions us even better to deliver world class solutions. The individual is not lost and while we realize that we come from different backgrounds and upbringing we strive to create bonds akin to family, we are after all symbiotic.

Roles at Symbiotic

Chief Executive Officer

Involved in the day to day running of the company with knowledge of current trends in value added services in a telco context, web and mobile development. Immersed in planning, management and business development.

Chief Technology Officer

Provides high level technical expertise, technology leadership and direction on use of information technology for the strategic gain of the company and our clients. Analyzes needs, evaluates alternatives, and leads solution delivery. 

Chief Financial Officer

Develops tools and systems to provide critical financial and operational information and makes actionable recommendations on both strategy and operations while keeping an eye on the bottom line. 

Business Development Lead

Develops, reviews, and reports on the business development division’s strategy to realize short, medium and long-term profitability and shareholder returns.

Software Engineers

Responsible for the design, development and support of applications / platforms / ecosystems as informed by our solution delivery process.

Data Science / Research Lead

Discovers patterns and relationships as concerns company products and services, turning data into valuable, actionable insights driving competitive advantage.

Content Development Lead

Liaising with the research division to create content roadmaps, they lead the content developer teams.

Front Office Administrators

The spine of our day to day, ensuring we run like clock-work with everyone in sync and aligned.

Customer Service Executives

Our frontline in the quest to delight the consumer, offering first-line support for in-house services serving millions.